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From kitchen renovation to flooring installation, we'll turn any space into a stunning place.

We offer a wide range of contractor services for all your renovation projects. Whether you need a kitchen renovation or want to add a living space, we will help you achieve your goals. At Rodolphe Bedu General Contractor LLC, we can completely renovate your home.


From Rough Carpentry to Residential Finish Carpentry.


Professional Painting for small interior room to large exterior.


blankRoutine, Preventive, Schedule Maintenance and Home Repair.

What We Do Intside

Bathroom Remodeling: Elevate your bathroom experience with a fresh shower redesign. Modernize your vanity with sleek upgrades, including a granite countertop. The goal is to create a luxurious oasis where aesthetics meet functionality.

Custom Cabinetry and Shelving: Say goodbye to generic storage solutions! Skilled craftsmen create custom-built cabinets that fit your space perfectly. These personalized cabinets enhance practicality and add value to your home. Tailored shelving solutions ensure functionality meets elegance.

Finish Carpentry: Details matter. Services cover elegant interior trim, baseboards, doors, and windows. Customized closets are also part of the package, reflecting your style and attention to detail.

Flooring Installation: Transform your floors with care and precision. Whether it’s carpet replacement or hardwood/laminate installation, the experts ensure functional and visually appealing flooring.

Kitchen Renovation: The heart of your home deserves attention. Upgrade your kitchen with countertop transformations, new cabinets, and stylish appliances. Sink and faucet installations? Consider it done!

Painting: Freshen up your home with indoor and outdoor painting services. Choose colors that reflect your personality and create a welcoming atmosphere. Expert painters bring your vision to life.

Rough Carpentry: Handling framing and structural work ensures a solid foundation for your home. From supporting beams to intricate woodwork, rough carpentry lays the groundwork for a strong and standout home.

These services promise to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, turning your house into a comfortable and stylish haven.

What We Do Outside

Concrete Work: Whether it’s an extension, a new driveway, or a charming garden pathway, our skilled team ensures durability and precision with every concrete pour. A solid foundation is our pride.

Deck Remodel: Picture extending your living space beyond your home’s confines! Our deck remodeling services create an inviting outdoor oasis. Consider features like pergolas for shade, custom outdoor kitchens for alfresco cooking, fireplaces for cozy evenings, and renovated seating areas for relaxation and entertainment.

Fencing: Privacy and security matter. Our fencing services cover repair (for existing fences), replacement (upgrading worn-out fences), and new installations (choose from wood, vinyl, or metal). Style meets functionality.

Siding Installation: Your home’s exterior deserves attention. Opt for low-maintenance vinyl siding, classic wood siding, or durable fiber cement siding. Enhance appearance and protection against wind, rain, and sun.

House Additions: Seamlessly expand your living space:

  • Extra Bathroom: Convenience and functionality.
  • Additional Bedroom: Accommodate growing needs.
  • Garage Expansion: Shelter vehicles or create a workshop. Harmony with your existing home is our commitment.

Whole Home Remodel: Imagine a complete transformation! From layout adjustments to aesthetic upgrades, we turn your vision into reality. Live in a home that truly reflects your lifestyle and taste.

Other Contractor Services

Home Design: At Helene Bisson Home Design, based in Kirkland, WA, we specialize in transforming houses into homes. Whether you envision a cozy retreat or a chic living space, our premier interior designer, Hélène, brings creativity and expertise to create an exquisite environment mirroring your lifestyle. For more details, visit our Home Design page.

House Assessment: Seek professional home evaluation and real estate advice to tailor renovations for aesthetics, functionality, and property value. Whether enhancing your living space or increasing resale potential, expert guidance ensures informed decisions.

Heating & Cooling: Say goodbye to temperature disparities! Our Smart Vent solution ensures optimal comfort throughout your home by seamlessly integrating with your central heating and cooling system. No more excessively hot or cold spots. Learn more about this innovative solution on our Heating & Cooling page.

Storage: Tired of garage storage woes? Our Smart Lifter system effortlessly retrieves or stores items using smart motorization, reclaiming valuable space for convenient parking. Discover the benefits of this intelligent solution on our Storage page.

Cleaning: Led by our seasoned captain, Beth, our cleaning services uphold the highest standards. Whether it’s post-construction cleanup or routine maintenance, Beth’s meticulous attention ensures pristine spaces.

Suppliers: Our carefully curated network of top-tier suppliers guarantees premium-quality products for your renovation needs, from flooring to windows. Trust Rodolphe Bedu General Contractor LLC to turn your ideas into reality.

Custom Services: Additionally, we offer custom contractor services tailored to your requirements. Contact us now to hire the right remodeler in Sammamish, WA, and imagine how beautiful your home could look! You can consult our portfolio to see the works we’ve done.

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